About Pony Expresso

Welcome to Pony Epresso (The British Cafe)!

JulesMy beginnings of cooking started with I was a little girl.  Every penny I received, I saved to buy ingredients to make my parents a meal.  As I became an adult, I would do dinner parties at my home.

I had an incredible opportunity to work on private yachts.  I had a chance to try all kinds of food and spices as I traveled the world.

After a while, I went back to England where I opened a sandwich and catering company.  Even though it was very successful, I disliked the English cold weather.  That led me to travel back to the USA.

I am now enjoying the chance to start once again with the Pony Expresso food truck.

Being a vegetarian (at one point a vegan), I like delivering organic foods and meals. I work diligently to purchase organic when able.  My goal is to transition to become 100% organic.

I hope you enjoy the experience of my cafe food truck.  Please come by to see us often.

- Julie Smith